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Gleb Bahmutov

Software engineer at Kensho

Gleb is a JavaScript ninja, an image processing expert, and a software quality fanatic. He blogs at about stuff.

Dave Balderstone

Dave is the Head of Capability (Data Visualisation & Enterprise Mobile) at Purple Secure Systems

Jason Bedard

Software Engineer at Allocadia Software

Jason Bedard is a software engineer at Allocadia Software where he leads the front end development using Angular. In his spare time Jason enjoys contributing to projects such as Angular, drinking coffee and being in the outdoors with his wife.

Jason Bedard

Naomi Black

Technical Program Manager, Google

Naomi was one of the founding leads of Google's open source Angular framework. Since 2017, she leads Angular migration for Google's largest internal customer, Google Cloud Platform. At Google, she's worked on projects including Accessibility, YouTube Captions, Google Maps Transit, and Open Source, including Angular and TypeScript. She fights daleks in her spare time.

Tobias Bosch

Software Engineer at Google

Tobias is a software engineer at Google. He is part of the Angular core team and works on Angular 2.

Adam Bradley

Lead developer at Ionic

Adam Bradley is co-creator and lead developer of Ionic. He regularly writes and speaks about hybrid and mobile app development with Ionic and AngularJS. He is a proud dad, husband, veteran, and dog’s best friend. Adam is based in beautiful Madison, WI, USA.

Christoph Burgdorf

Christoph began programming at the age of 10. He is the creator of the web framework and a contributor to the AngularJS project. Christoph is also part of the Angular 2 Docs Authoring team.

Thomas Burleson

Team Lead, Angular Material

Thomas is the Team Lead for Google's AngularJS Material. For over 3 years he has been spearheading the AngularJS Material efforts with a team of amazing developers. He is also the architect/project lead for @angular/flex-layout and an Angular Master Class trainer with You may have read his blog articles there or perhaps you attended his training classes. He is the co-author for two new thoughtram courses: * Angular with Redux + ngRx * Advanced Testing with Angular He is a frequent speaker at ng-Conf and AngularConnect. He loves collaborating with the Angular community and developers.

Brandy Carney

Framework Developer at Ionic

Brandy is a software developer at Ionic and is currently working on version 2 of the framework. She enjoys solving problems while continuing to learn herself. She's an avid animal lover and enjoys spending time with her dogs in the Florida sun.

Jeff Cross

Co-Founder & Consultant at

Jeff is a co-founder of, providing Angular consulting to enterprise teams. He was one of the earliest core team members on AngularJS 1.x. He developed the Angular Http and AngularFire2 modules, contributed to RxJS 5, and was most recently the Tech Lead of the Angular Mobile team at Google.

Joe Eames

Author at Pluralsight

Joe is a Viking (at heart). By day he is a mild-mannered author for By night he is a mild-mannered organizer of ng-conf. He is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, gives lots of talks & workshops, and loves all things web.

Jeremy Elbourn

Angular Material Design

Frontend Engineer at Google specializing in Angular, component design, and the cleanest of code.

Kara Erickson

Software engineer, Angular Core Team

Kara is a software engineer on the Angular team at Google and a co-organizer of the Angular-SF Meetup. Prior to Google, she helped build UI components in Angular for guest management systems at OpenTable. She enjoys snacking indiscriminately and probably other things too.

Gil Fink

CEO and Senior Consultant at sparXys

Gil Fink is a web development expert, ASP.NET/IIS Microsoft MVP and the founder of sparXys. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web and RIA-based solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for individuals and enterprises who want to specialise in infrastructure and web development. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of Pro Single Page Application Development book (Apress), co-organiser of GDG Rashlatz Meetup and co-organiser of ng-conf Israel.

Anas Firdousi

Software Entrepreneur

Anas.R.Firdousi is a software entrepreneur, passionate speaker, trainer and traveler. He is an active member of Angular JS community in Silicon Valley. He is a JavaScript ninja and data science enthusiast. He is currently on a mission to create tech. communities and bringing AngularJS events to Asia.

Anas Firdousi

Stephen Fluin

Developer Advocate, Google

Stephen is a Developer Advocate working on the Angular team. Before joining Google, he was a Google Expert. Stephen loves to help enterprises use technology more effectively.

Aaron Frost

Senior Engineer

Aaron has spent the last several years swimming (at times sinking) in the Open Web waters. Finding JS and CSS/HTML was the best thing that could have happened to him. By day he is a part of the Domo front-end team, where they are building an app that makes everyone a CEO. By night he works with O’Reilly Media and is writing the book JS.Next: ES6. He is also a Google Developer Expert, nominated by Google for his work with AngularJS and its community, and an author. Additionally he works on several small projects for himself, and one with his identical twin brother. When the world is white and frozen, you will find him atop the mountain ice fishing.

Uri Goldshtein

Open Source Developer at Apollo

Uri is a core open source developer at Meteor Development Group at the Apollo team. He is the creator of the angular-meteor library and the Angular-Apollo library which lets Angular developers integrate GraphQL into their apps. Lately he is be working on the GraphQL-Subscriptions library and the WebSocket transport which let’s GraphQL developers add real-time capabilities into their apps. Uri travels around the world building infrastructure, applications and helping developers.

Thorsten Hans

Frontend Developer

Thorsten Hans is a passionate frontend developer and awarded as Microsoft MVP. He loves to share his knowledge with international developer communities.

Miško Hevery

The creator of the Angular framework

Miško is the creator of the Angular framework. He has passion for making complex things simple. He currently works at Google, but has previously worked at Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Intel, and Xerox, where he became an expert in building web applications in web related technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Flex and ActionScript.

David Hunter

Solution Architect at the Met Office

Dave is a Solution Architect at the Met Office. His background is as a developer and team lead with a particular focus on web technologies. Now he looks after a number of web application development teams, overseeing the technical activity, as well as providing leadership, guidance and cakes.

Shmuela Jacobs

Developer and Consultant, Founder of ngGirls

Shmuela is a front-end developer, consultant, speaker, and community activist. She is the founder of ngGirls organisation and Angular Nights meetup group. During her academic studies (M.Sc. in Information Management Engineering and B.Sc. in Physics) Shmuela had combined her passions of coding and teaching as a software developer, teaching assistant, science museum guide, and researcher. Today she continues to enjoy these activities developing with Angular and sharing her knowledge and experience in meetups and conferences. Shmuela lives in Tel Aviv with her husband Haggai, their deaf dog Ziggi, and one-eyed cat Franco.

Raul Jimenez

Software Engineer

Raul is a software engineer passionate about JS frameworks, web technologies and cross-platform development. Since 2012 he's focused in Angular, HTML5 video and his open source project Videogular. Raul works as a freelance front-end architect for companies around the world helping them to build high-performance web apps. In his spare time he's usually involved in the community as an Angular Google Developer Expert helping local meetups, writing blog posts, speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects. He lives in Barcelona and is happy by default :)

Igor Kamenetsky

Engineering Director at

Igor Kamenetsky, is a Engineering Director with 10 years of professional experience in design and development of a variety of computer systems. Igor’s passion is developing techniques suitable for large scale application development on the front-end using functional programming approaches.

Igor Kamenetsky

Nir Kaufman

Head of Angular Development at 500Tech

Nir is the Head of Angular Development at 500Tech - a leading front-end consultancy in Israel. He is a passionate JavaScript developer and Angular evangelist. Nir running 3 local Angular meetup groups: the AngularJS-IL (with over 3500 members), Angular After Hours and the Frontend Band. He also collaborates with other local Angular communities around the world.

Nir Kaufman

Pavithra Kodmad

UI Engineer at Flipkart

Pavithra is a javascript enthusiast working on the front-end for the pas five years and currently employed at She's redux worshipper, a mystery novel fan and submissive to her cat's will.

Jules Kremer

Google TPM focussing on all things Angular outside of Google

Jules is a TPM on the Angular team. When not working with developers, Jules is often bending into pretzel-like shapes, climbing mountains or drinking really awesome beer.

Tracy Lee

Google Developer Expert & Co-Founder, This Dot

Tracy is a Google Developer Expert, JavaScript developer, and serial entrepreneur. After the acquisition of her last startup as CEO, she discovered code and spends her time exploring JS frameworks. Tracy is the creator of This.JavaScript, ng-cruise, Modern.Web podcast, RxWorkshop, and Contributor Days. She is also Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, a framework agnostic agency helping mentor teams build ambitious apps. You can find her at and on Twitter @ladyleet.

Ben Lesh

Senior UI Engineer at Netflix

Ben works for Netflix in Los Gatos, CA on the UI Platform team. Ben is the lead author of RxJS 5, which is a complete rewrite of RxJS with goals of better performance and JavaScript future spec compliance. He has also been advising the Angular team on their Rx integration.

Jen Looper

Developer Relations team member at Telerik

Jen is a Developer Advocate at Telerik. She is a web and mobile developer and founder of Ladeez First Media which is a small indie mobile development studio. In her spare time, she is a dancer, teacher and multiculturalist who is always learning.

Igor Minar

Angular Team Lead

Igor is a software engineer at Google. He is a lead on the Angular project, practitioner of test driven development, open source enthusiast, hacker. In his free time, Igor enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, doing outdoor activities (including but not limited to sports, gardening and building retaining walls).

Scott Moss

Software Engineer at Udacity

Scott is an engineer and instructor of all things JS. He loves to share what he learns and has taught hundreds of engineers in technologies like Angular.

Todd Motto

Developer Advocate at Telerik

Todd is founder of Voux and developer advocate at Telerik. He is also an industry recognised Angular evangelist and Google Developer Expert (GDE), and regularly runs workshops at Google in San Francisco and around Europe.

John Mueller

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google Switzerland

Since joining Google in 2007, John has worked closely with many teams around Google's Web-Search, such as with Search Console / Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Central, Sitemaps, and Search Quality. He's driven by espresso, as well as the desire to help others to make their content easily accessible & useful through search.

John Mueller

Matias Niemela

Software Engineer

Matias Niemela is a fullstack web developer who has been programming & building websites for over 10 years, and a core team member of AngularJS for two years. In the spring of 2015 Matias joined Angular full time at Google. In his free time Matias loves to build complex things and is always up for public speaking, travelling and tweaking his current Vim setup.

Ekaterina Orlova

Software Developer at Accenture

Ekaterina is a software developer at Accenture, currently living in Oslo, Norway. Co-organizer and facilitator of front-end workshops. She is passionate about front-end, user experience and diversity in tech.

Carmen Popoviciu

Front-end Engineer,

Carmen is a frontend engineer and a big smiley in the Angular community - or so she has been told. She likes writing code and solving challenging puzzles. Give her something interesting to work on and you can pick her up in a couple of hours ;). She tries to help others out whenever she can and strongly believes that it's the small things that make a difference. If she had superpowers, she would smiley all the things.

Pascal Precht

Pascal is a front-end engineer and a Angular Developer Expert nominated by Google. He created the angular-translate module, is an Angular 2 contributor and also part of the Angular 2 Docs Authoring team.

Martin Probst

Software engineer, Angular Core Team

Martin is a software engineer at Google in the Angular team. He holds a MSc in Software Engineering from HPI in Potsdam, Germany. Before joining the Angular team at Google, he worked at a database startup in the Netherlands, at EMC, at SAP, and as a freelancer. In his free time, he likes to cook and sail, not necessarily at the same time.

Julie Ralph

Protractor Lead Developer

Julie Ralph works as a Software Engineer in Test at Google in Seattle and is the lead developer on the Angular end-to-end testing framework Protractor.

Shai Reznik

Founder & Teacher,

Shai is the Founder of the only place on the web that teaches web development in a funny way (Angular 2 and beyond). Shai is also an experienced client side consultant, developer, Google Developer Expert and a worldwide speaker known for his unusual talks. He organises the largest JavaScript group in Israel and is a professional Improv performer and a world-class hugger.

Alex Rickabaugh

Software engineer, Angular Core Team

Core team member working to optimise the Angular platform for the next generation of applications, including mobile. Before joining the Angular team, Alex worked in the Google sales organisation where he helped build the first large Angular application within Google

Elizabeth Robinson

Web Developer

I started work at Purple as a Junior Software Engineer at the end of 2013 after completing a PhD in experimental Physics. My first commercial project was client side web development in AngularJS. Since then I have mostly worked as a web developer including some server side development. I enjoy learning and like software engineering for that; as well as the challenge and satisfaction of writing the most eloquent code possible. Outside of work I am considering training for a sprint triathlon and enjoy cooking and eating.

Elizabeth Robinson

Jesus Rodriguez

Developer, IdeaBlade

Jesus is both a Technical Writer and a Software Developer. His passion is to teach people how to be better developers.

Lukas Ruebbelke

Chief Experience Officer at VenturPlex Inc

Developer. Hacker. Community backer. Author and blogger. Console logger. Author of AngularJS in Action for Manning Publications.

Tim Ruffles

SidekickJS Founder

Founder of SidekickJS – @sidekicksrc Trainer + contractor – Angular, D3, Node, Backbone. Maintains, runs Functional Javascript London.

Gerard Sans

He is a Computer Science Engineer specialised in Web and Angular Google Developer Expert. He has lived and worked for all sorts of companies in Germany, Brazil, UK and Spain. He is always up for a good challenge. He loves participating in the community, speaking at events, doing training, running AngularZone, mentoring Angular students and writing technical articles at Medium.

Victor Savkin


Victor is a co-founder of, providing Angular consulting to enterprise teams. He was previously on the Angular core team at Google, and worked on the dependency injection, change detection, forms, and router modules.

Uri Shaked

Consultant at BlackBerry

Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. He regularly writes about Web and IoT related technologies in his medium blog, and speaks about these topics in conferences and meetups around the world. Among his interests are reverse engineering, hardware hacking, building 3d-printed robots and games, playing music and Salsa dancing.

Dave Smith

Engineering Director at HireVue

Dave leads a team of software developers at HireVue. He loves challenges involving scale, performance, and human interaction. Dave has worked on projects that range from tiny embedded systems to cloud-based distributed systems.

Marcy Sutton

Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque Systems

Marcy is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque Systems, where she works on the axe-core team with a focus on integration into developer tooling. She’s passionate about improving the web for people with disabilities and her blog, Accessibility Wins, highlights accessible user interfaces and tools, contributing a positive voice to the web development space. She also co-organises the Seattle chapter of Girl Develop It, a nonprofit encouraging women to learn about software.

Christian Weyer

Managing Director at Thinktecture AG

Christian Weyer has been building distributed software systems for two decades now. As a Google GDE and Microsoft MVP he loves to speak at various conferences and community events world-wide - with passion.

Jeff Whelpley

CTO at GetHuman

Jeff is the CTO of GetHuman. He is also a Google Developer Expert (GDE), Boston Angular Meetup co-organizer, former host of AngularAir, a frequent guest on Adventures in Angular, and Boston AI Meetup co-organizer.

Rob Wormald

Developer Advocate for the Angular Team

Rob is a Javascripter from Austin, Texas currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Developer Advocate for Angular at Google, and founder of the Reactive Extensions for Angular2 project - NgRx.

Aysegul Yonet

CTO at AnnieCannons

Aysegul is a Sr. Software Engineer working at A360. Aysegul hosts Women Who Code and Girl Develop It JavaScript Meetups in San Francisco. She also teaches workshops for D3.js, AngularJS, and MEAN stack. Aysegul is CTO of AnnieCannons, Inc, a nonprofit organization that trains human trafficking survivors in web development.

Sani Yusuf

Founder, Haibrid

Sani is the founder of HAIBRID, a London based startup that uses Ionic to create innovative mobile solutions. Sani also co-manages the Ionic UK community in UK and has done some Ionic stuff spanning 3 continents. He has also done some cool stuff with companies like Sworkit, Microsoft, Huddlebuy & Anritsu and actively contributes to the Ionic open source community.


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