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AngularConnect Hackathon

AngularConnect Hackathon

Progress Software, creators of NativeScript, Kendo UI, and much more, are pleased to host the AngularConnect Hackathon on Sept 27th from 6:00 - 10:30 pm. You can continue to work on your projects during the remainder of the night but please submit a video and Github repo link of your hack to DevPost by 10:00 am on September 28th. Judging via DevPost will include all conference members, and winners will be announced at the close of the conference. We have four categories available for prizes and encourage you to form teams to win!

See full details and rules on

With special thanks to GFT for their invaluable help with materials for this hackathon.

  • What will we be hacking?
    You will be building something interesting with NativeScript and Angular 2. To show it off, record a video demo that we can all see!
  • What categories can we hack on?
    Social Hack - suggested API: Kiva
    Art or Music Hack - suggested API: Soundcloud
    Machine Learning Hack - suggested API:
    Interesting Web + Mobile Hack - use the Angular Seed to get started
  • What can we do to prepare?
    It’s really important to install NativeScript on your machine and get it up and running, and possibly learn about how NativeScript and Angular 2 work together by working through the Getting Started Guide for NativeScript using Angular 2.

You can also join the NativeScript Slack channel in the #hackathon room where we will have experts ready to field questions.


Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors. If you’d like to get involved in supporting AngularConnect, please request a sponsor pack.

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