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As well as our two fantastic tracks of talks across both days, we have also scheduled five other spaces where you can connect with each other, with the Google team and other expert speakers, relax and have a coffee, play a game of ping pong or even just check your emails.

Ask me anything

This is your opportunity to get to know our speakers – including the Google team – better. Utilise their knowledge and skills, and ask them questions particular to your own projects.

A schedule of the speaker Q&A sessions will be included in your delegate bag at the conference.

Sky Games room

Coffee and games to keep the blood flowing over the two days of AngularConnect. Our lovely sponsors Sky have some really fun things planned for you.

You can also hear Andrew Merrell, Principal Software Engineer at Sky, speak about Using AngularJS on LG and PlayStation in our Unconf room at 9:45 on the 21st.

Unconf room

Expect the nuggets that we couldn’t fit on tracks 1 and 2, some non-technical talks and open mic time when anyone with something interesting to say can jump up and give a mini talk. We can’t totally rule out karaoke.

A schedule of the speaker Q&A sessions will be included in your delegate bag at the conference.

Chill out room

If you want to catch up on a bit of work, have a quiet chat with other attendees, or just need a peaceful moment, retire to our chill out space. Expect mostly beanbags.

The party

Imagine how excited we were to discover that Back to The Future Day falls over AngularConnect! Of course we had to theme our party around the movie…

Celebrate a fantastic first day with your new conference buddies. We’re staying on at the venue on the evening of 20th for food, drink, surprises and entertainment. Snacks and first drinks plus entertainment are all provided, but bring your pennies for a cash bar if you want to keep the fun going!


We’re thrilled to have sponsors Microsoft running a hack on the first evening of AngularConnect, centred around building add-ins in Office 365 to help users be more productive.

It will be introduced in our Hackspace at 18:30 on 20 October with the hack itself running until 22:30. Participants will be asked to submit a five minute YouTube presentation which will go to a public vote on 21 October with 4 Xbox ONEs awarded to the winning team at the end of the second day of the event.

Full details and registration.

Angular community leaders

Are you organising an Angular community? Do you want to help build the network of angular leaders globally? Google are looking for volunteers to help build the network that will help us share speakers, resources, mentor one another and more.

Look out for Rupert Whitehead, Regional Lead, Developer Relations, Google and Dan Franc, Programme Manager, Google in the Unconf Room on 20th to find out more.

Angular Air

Angular Air will be broadcasting live from AngularConnect on day two of the conference. Attendees are welcome to watch! Join them in the Hack Room at lunch time on 21st.

Back to the Present mindfulness sessions

Two days at a conference is full-on. Lots of take in, lots of people to talk to. We’ve invited in Andy Arkell to run a series of mindfulness sessions in our chillout room. If you’re new to the concept, we’ll be running some taster sessions to provide a quick and simple introduction to the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation. We’re also running two longer mindfulness practice sessions. Andy will be around both days to meet with people, answer mindfulness-related questions and discuss things like integrating mindfulness into the work-day and work-place.

20th October

11:00-11:25 – Taster session

14:00-14:25 – Taster session

16:20-17:05 – Mindfulness practice session

21st October

08:10-08:55 – Start of day mindfulness session

12:00-12:30 – Mindfulness practice session


Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors. If you’d like to get involved in supporting AngularConnect, please request a sponsor pack.

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